Invite to participate in Mandela Day

As part of Future City’s Mandela Day event, Fourways Airconditioning will be planting a pavement garden on the corner of Douglas and Witkoppen Roads on 16th July. Waterford residents are invited to participate in the beautification of this area by helping with the planting and cleaning up of the intersection. This is a worthy volunteering cause for Mandela Day, and also benefits you in that the your neighbourhood will be visually improved after the refurbishment. A team from The Farm Nursery will help with the planting and will prepare the ground in the lead up to the event.

Residents who are interested in helping should please arrive at 7.45am on Saturday 16th July, with their own gardening equipment such as forks and spades.

Note that this is an officially approved event and that the SAPS and JMPD will be present to ensure safety.